Netball Tournament

On Tuesday 3rd March, 17 Year 5 and 6 pupils (Ben Metcalfe, Caitlan Hardy, Holly Tindle, DJ Hepworth, Sophie Savage, Joshua Wrigglesworth, Joseph Coen, William Pearce, Alex Beighton, Libby-Leu Roberts, Pippa Roberts, James Warris, Georgia Vizard, Isabelle Roberts, Isobel Marsden, Lily Smith and Elise Ramsay) took part in the Campsmount Netball Festival at Askern Spa School. NJS took two teams and had to play against two other schools. It was an extremely exciting tournament and the children played fantastically despite the gale force winds!

Home Learning

4SO have produced some fantastic home learning this half term as part of our Poisonous Potions topic. The children have really enjoyed sharing their homemade potions, spells, potion stories and optical illusions with the class. A huge well done to Freya Wheatley, Jessica Szelong, Emily Fuller and Poppy Roper for presenting their exceptional pieces of home learning to the whole school during Friday’s Merit Assembly!

3DW Stone Age Class Assembly

This week it was 3DW’s turn to perform a class assembly, we thought long and hard about which topic to present in our assembly and finally decided to link it with our topic, the Stone Age. We decided to share some of our super topic learning with the school and told the whole of NJS the story of Mary Anning and how her discoveries changed the way we think about our world! We even shared our creative ‘Cave Art’ replicas and our awesome Stonehenge skyline silhouettes!

"Yes! We're painting today!"

This was the cry that I heard on Tuesday morning as the children entered the classroom. This enthusiasm and excitement made me want to write this week's blog about our art lessons which linked to our topic and focussed on creating a silhouette of Stonehenge. To start, Mrs Clegg demonstrated how to create a colourful sunrise or sunset using watercolour paints and the children had to make sure that they blended their colours together well so that the sky didn't look stripy!

6RD Topic work

We are thoroughly enjoying our new topic and have produced some fantastic pieces of drama which have fed into these super diary extracts. We have been writing from the viewpoint of Tim the Ostler and the outstanding outcomes can be seen on display outside the classroom. In art we have been drawing ‘The faces of the Highway!’ We began by developing our artistic skills when drawing specific facial features and are hugely proud of how this learning has fed into our final outcome.

3NJ Are Moving Into Cyberspace!!

As part of our ever-evolving ICT provision in school the teachers at NJS have been challenged by Mr Hayes to keep a blog of the fantastic lessons and activities that happen in our classroom. This will be a new frontier for most of the teachers at school and will be a fantastic opportunity for visitors to our website to see some of the fantastic things 3NJ get up to! For our first blog entry I thought I’d share our amazing class assembly which the children in 3NJ prepared and performed for the rest of school on Tuesday 27th January.

3DW Real PE

When 3DW joined NJS, I was overwhelmed to see that the children shared my passion for PE and they have been so forthcoming in sharing their personal PE skills which they are pursuing at home, such as dance, martial arts, football, biking, horse riding and many others. It is fantastic to have such an active set of children! During the Autumn Term in school, the children have blown me away by demonstrating a wide range of skills in Hockey, Netball, Gym and Dance.

ICT: Espresso Coding

4HJ are thoroughly enjoying our new computer programming lesson. Espresso coding teaches pupils to code and make their own apps to share with their friends and parents. “Espresso coding is awesome because I get to program different characters which I can make chase cats. Blast off is really fun too!. ”. Zara 4HJ