Children In Need

They certainly are and what a way to celebrate...

A wide range of activities took place today which ended in a school Disco. Some incredibly suspect dance moves were on display but one thing is for sure, a good time was had by all - teachers included it would appear... Many thanks to the children for organising the various activities and indeed raising all the money for charity. Totals will be published in the school newsletter letter so watch out for it.

Free Standing Structures

Sometimes, standing up for yourself is not just important, its crucial...

The children were investigating the most effective free standing structures. They considered what they could learn from existing constructions such as bridges and towers but also from nature. They decided to hold a competition to see who could construct the tallest 'Free Standing' structure within one lesson. The outline for the task was set and materials gathered... the most successful models would be evaluated at the end...

Proof That Music Is Really Good For You...

Finally, here is the proof that Mr Wilkinson really can get a tune out of anything...

During class this week, 5MW decided to explore the potential of... guess what? Vegetables as musical instruments... That's right, you heard it first here... Vegetable Instruments! The children considered how instruments make sounds through resonance chambers and other elements that create vibrations, displacing the air and creating sound waves which travel much like a ping pong ball around a room or chamber... we are looking forward to hearing/seeing the results of this work...

Another Successful Fundraiser

Yet again, the children of NJS showed just how amazing they are by thinking of others before themselves... Love was in the air and children gazed longingly across the busy room at something delicious, something irresistible, something that called to their very soul... That's right, cakes and buns... Well done to all who took part from the organisers to the bakers and of course those who purchased the merchandise and ate it, such a difficult job that last part!!!

Young Voices 2015

On Tuesday 20th January Norton junior School rocked Sheffield Arena. All the children had a fantastic time and sang their little hearts out. All those weeks of practicing paid off and everyone felt the children were a credit to themselves and the school.

The Abolition of Slavery!

What an amazing half term we are having! Our topic of 'Slavery' has really captured the imagination of the children, so much so, we are currently working as 'The Abolitionists' with the ultimate aim of abolishing Slavery in a Court Room Campaign. The children have worked incredibly hard to ensure our campaign is not sabotaged by 'Lord Hayes' and so far they have been successful in securing 132 signatures on their petition!

A Secret Map

Can you decipher the secret map? It includes symbols and pictures that represent each landmark from one point of Norton to another point in Askern. Some landmarks are more obvious than others, with our very own Hannah only truly knowing the the exact route. If you ask nicely, she may well tell you!!

Gruffalo Club Week 4

The mission continues!

We now have a main path through the wooded area and have created some side paths and spaces that will be used as activity areas. You wouldn't believe the number of concrete slabs we've unearthed. I'm sure we can use them for something!

The Gruffalo team have been working extremely hard and are having fun creating the new areas. It's time for a break but after half term we'll be tackling the jungle that is the back of the wooded area...eeek!

Thanks Gruffaloers.

Enjoy half term.

Mr Henfield