Gruffalo Club Week 4

The mission continues!

We now have a main path through the wooded area and have created some side paths and spaces that will be used as activity areas. You wouldn't believe the number of concrete slabs we've unearthed. I'm sure we can use them for something!

The Gruffalo team have been working extremely hard and are having fun creating the new areas. It's time for a break but after half term we'll be tackling the jungle that is the back of the wooded area...eeek!

Thanks Gruffaloers.

Enjoy half term.

Mr Henfield

Collage Creation

To create a collage based on our developing school allotment.

The whole project has been completed in partnership with 5RH’s link governor Rachel Morriss. The children have gained a lot from her passion and knowledge of collage and have enjoyed working with her since the autumn term.