PE Kit

Children should wear loose fitting shorts and a plain T shirt for indoor PE activities and will usually have bare feet (no fluorescent colours or logos please).

The above kit is perfectly appropriate for outdoor PE or games but joggers and a warm top are adviseable, according to the season. Children will need a change of footwear for outdoor use.

School has a responsibilty for the health and safety of all children during PE and Games which makes the wearing of appropriate kit and footwear compulsory.

What time should my child be at school?

Children should not be on the school premises unsupervised before 8:30am under any circumstances! If you drop off your child before this time, they may not be safe and school can't be held responsible for their wellbeing. My advice would be that children are not on site at all before 8:40am as this presents them with plenty of time to meet their friends... we deliberately staff the yard from this time onwards to monitor for accidents... Prior to this time, if children have an accident, there may be nobody there to help them. If this presents a problem for you, we have an on-site childcare service 'Buddies' who provide a quality provision at very a reasonable price from 7:30am onwards. Please follow the link below for more information:


School Uniform

Yes, thats right folks, despite what the children are telling you, the latest flurecent trainers or strappy sandals are not actually part of the school uniform for NJS...

The following items should be considered adequate guidance for providing your child with school uniform:

  • A navy jumper or cardigan
  • White, navy or light blue shirt, blouse or polo shirt
  • Black, grey or navy skirt, shorts or trousers
  • Typical checked light blue summer dresses or pinafore dresses in black grey or navy
  • Plain socks or tights (optional)
  • Black brown or navy shoes


Any items outside the above recommended school dress code are not considered school uniform such as hoodies or fashion trainers etc...