‘The curriculum’, put simply, is the umbrella term that is given to everything that is taught in school.


At NJS we aim to deliver learning in a creative and stimulating manner that excites and engages all pupils, as well as meeting the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and Local Authority guidance.

“An exciting, creative, yet practical and inspirational curriculum, which impacts favourably on pupils’ educational and personal development…the planned curriculum is excellent because it is creative, exciting and stimulating.” (Ofsted 2012)

Our curriculum focuses on fostering positive attitudes towards life-long learning; children are encouraged to be independent and self-motivated in their learning and recognise the importance of education for their future economic well-being. We actively encourage children to be determined to make progress and they learn to be respectful and responsible citizens in preparation for life outside of school. Teachers at NJS believe in a cross-curricular approach which aims to draw together learning from across the curriculum. Children engage in a wide-range of activities developed around a central topic such as ‘The Terrible Tudors’ or ‘Journey to the Stars’ and apply their knowledge and skills from individual subjects to real and challenging contexts. They begin to make links between concepts and learn the transferable skills that enable them to be outstanding learners.

Families are encouraged to be a part of our curriculum at NJS and are informed of upcoming learning in a half-termly newsletter. Home learning is flexible and exciting with a range of activities being set to link to the current topic each year group is studying. At the end of a topic, children host celebration events in which families and members of the community are welcomed into school to experience a ‘snap-shot’ of the half term’s work and celebrate the success the children have experienced.

Below you will find a selection of documents that will help you better understand the Curriculum for your child in their respective yeargroup.

The first document is our National Curriculum Overview taken from a resource compiled by Michael Tidd. This takes the form of a jigsaw as we see the curriculum as connected through links (often refferred to as cross curricular links) where one element of the curriculum enters into another such as maths in technology etc...

The second document is the full publication of the National Curriculum 2014 taken directly from the Department for Education's Website. This carries the specifics and finer detail that should be taught.

The final document is our Curriculum Policy where our aims and objectives are clearly stated for our curriculum at Norton Junior School.

If you wish to find out more, please follow this link: DfE National Curriculum Website, otherwise you can download or print any of the pdf's below...