Please can we draw your attention to the deadline for admissions being the 15th January 2015. Last year we were in the terrible position that some chidren who from Norton Infant school were not allocated a place because they forgot to register using the admissions process. This is a most unpleasant position for both the school and prospective pupil/family and I hope that this situation is not repeated ever again. PLEASE can you ensure you complete your online application by following the link below.

Norton Junior School is a popular school with the capacity to welcome 60 children into Year 3 each year. This number is agreed in support of an effective partnership between Norton Infant and Junior Schools although it should be noted that DfE recommendation for the size of the junior school is 52 which makes additional admissions beyond the 60 unmanagable. This information has been verified by the Admissions Team and it should be noted that school plays no part in the admissions process at all. All applications have to be made online by parents or guardians.

Please click on the link below to find out more about making an application to join our school....

Alternatively, you can telephone 01302 737204 to make your initial enquiry or follow the guidance in the pdf below.