The NJS Haka

NJS welcome World Champions with their own Haka!

When the Rugby League World Champions New Zealand came to stay at Doncaster, we were delighted to be invited to welcome them with our own Haka. After weeks of preparation, the day finally came and we travelled down to the Earl of Doncaster to welcome the players at a civic reception. During rehearsals, the children had been amazing and indeed quite terrifying but performing to the actual squad would be completely different considering the imposing size of the players, not to mention the media coverage.

As ever, the children did not let themselves down and performed their Haka with a ferocity not often seen within the school day thankfully. The children did such a good job, they became a media sensation overnight and a video posted on youtube went viral with thousands of hits. It was a great honour to represent Doncaster and indeed a real treat to meet the team who were friendly, and respectful of our welcome, reciprocating with their own Haka in answer to the children's. I am told, this is something they only do when they feel there has been a challenge worthy of a response - quite an achievement for Junior School Children when you consider the team probably average 6 foot 5...