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Another super day with 3DW! On Friday 6th March, Diane Broadhead, who is 3DW’s Link Governor, came into school to spend the morning with the class. As well as working really hard as part of the School Governing Team, Mrs Broadhead regularly visits 3DW as often as she can to check in with the children and help them with their learning. On Friday, Mrs Broadhead worked with all the children in 3DW as part of their Guided Reading, English and Maths sessions. In Guided Reading, Mrs Broadhead enjoyed listening to a range of different children read and in English she worked with a group of children to help develop their dictionary skills. Finally, Mrs Broadhead supported Mrs Wood and Mr Thomson in delivering a Maths problem solving session which the children were fantastic at! Mrs Broadhead has many roles in our school, such as working closely with the staff in school and making important decisions about the school’s future. Therefore, we are very grateful to have Mrs Broadhead as our Link Governor and feel very lucky when she manages to spend the morning in class. Thankyou Mrs Broadhead!

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The School would like to congratulate Andrew Mouse and Diane Broadhead on being elected as parent Governors for the school... We welcome them to the team and look forward to working with them in future.