It's perhaps one of the biggest concerns in this modern age - keeping our children safe in a world that is so difficult to monitor and is almost invisible!

ceop report Click here if you need to report an e-Safety concern... 

There are a wide range of risks out there but we believe the best way to protect our children is to prepare them for the dangers they face and give them an age appropriate awareness of how to stay safe online...

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and there are organisations out there that can help, no matter how big or small the problem is..

Now more than ever, what the children do and say online will become part of their digital footprint which wil impact on their lives in such ways that might prevent them from getting the job they always wanted, a place at university or even affect potential relationships between families or partners. Once something has been posted online, words or pictures, they are forever in the public domain for anyone to find!

Its not just about Facetime, Skype and Dedicated Chat sites like Facebook or Snapchat... Any device with connectivity from tablets, to games consoles present a significant risk if left unsupervised. Grooming is when someone deliberately targets the young and vulnerable over a long timeframe, building trust and asking questions which are not even seen as anything unusual at first. A false sense of familiarity can and frequently does lead to disclosure of personally identifiable information which may lead to future meets or provide an opportunity for abduction etc...

It's sad to say but, along with all the amazing benefits of a connected society comes the dangers presented by deliberately devious, calculating and spiteful minds... 

You have to be 'SMART' online...

There are already a host of fantastic resources out there, from video clips to fact sheets and advice lines/pages that will support and inform, young children and families about the risks and what to do to stay safe...  Why not be pro-active and take a look at what is out there before anything happens!!!

The following is a list of suggested websites that are well worth a visit: 













If you do need to report something or seek advice, please don't hesitate to contact the school however, you may wish to consult with other agencies who may well be better placed to support you or answer your questions. If you feel your child has been emotionally disturbed by anything they have seen or experienced online, it would be best to inform school in confidence so we know how best to provide support should this affect them in any way throught the school day.

The following links should support you with reporting a concern:






You may also wish to take a look at some of the supporting resources below which are available for download...