Newlands - Day 1 Review

Good morning all!

What a cracking day we all had yesterday after we finally arrived with great anticipation at destination Newlands. Naturally, Year 6 were uncontrollably excited on arrival and that was only briefly dampened by the prospect of carrying those sizeable luggage hauls up a few flights of stairs. Nevertheless, they all (with the help of some heavily perspiring members of staff) managed to reach their respective bedrooms and following a fleeting spot-inspection last night, I can safely say that the contenders for tidiest room (for the boys at least) stands at the grand old total of zero. There is still hope and time. Anyway, once bedded in the children embarked on their first activity and didn’t they do well! Hitting the ground running were Mr Hewett’s and Mr Brown’s groups, both of which did the infamous ghyll scramble – apparently many children (and staff) gave a whole new definition to the phrase ‘belly flop’. Mrs Gyte and myself were out on the kayaks, precariously manoeuvring the quite unnecessary barrage of splashing abuse served up by our respective ‘teams’ with the other groups in the woods and out on the climb. Needless to say, all the young people did themselves proud during the activities and we hope for much of the same today. In the evening, all 56 staff and children made our way up to a mountain side to drink in some of the wonderful views on a quite superb Cumbrian evening. On returning, a little football was played and after a hot chocolate and relaxation in the common room, the year group made their final and somewhat begrudging journey into the land of nod. At the time of writing now, many of our young people are awake and excited about the day ahead with the only commotion coming when one girl thought she spotted a ghost this morning but apparently that’s how Mrs Davies always looks before the hour of 8:00am. And remember, do check Mr Haye’s twitter feed for regularly photographic updates.

Mr Chadwick and the Newlands' Team