Link Governor Sewing Project Y5

Starting in the Autumn Term Mr. Henfield and I discussed a project that all the pupils in his class could get involved in. As they had recently been looking at their class values, Mr Henfield felt it would be good to have a display that would represent the class and their values.
It was agreed that we would have a large circle with a 'gingerbread' type figure for each pupil that they could be responsible for and decorate.
The project involved using a range of Maths, DT and Art skills.
The pupils worked in small groups, so each time I came into school I worked with about 4/5 pupils at a time. We also talked about what some of the values meant as we worked as well as making important decision on colours and sewing stitches.
Once the figures were completed they were placed on the circle and the words ‘One Class’ and ‘5rh’ were also embroided on.
The sewing project is now ready to be displayed outside 5RH'S room.

Rachael Morriss