School Closed: Thursday 1st March

Morning everyone, Apologies that we had to close the school today for a second day. With the standing snow, and the threat of more overnight combined with the freezing temperatures that would ensure conditions did not ease and that grit would likely be ineffective, we made the decision to close yesterday evening.

It is not a decision that we take lightly but it has to be based on safety for all, children, families and staff alike. On Wednesday, we were unable to get enough staff into the building to safely operate and consequently, we had to close. We left that decision as late as we dared as it is always a last resort closing the school but it was the only reasoned decision I could make.

Reports from Doncaster centre indicated town was gridlocked and many key roads were suffering heavy congestion due to accidents or just the general state of traffic and having taken almost an hour and a half to get into work myself often driving sideways along the A19, I knew driving conditions were not good. The local heads were in consultation about this decision on Wednesday morning from 5:45am that day but by 7:30 the outcome looked a forgone conclusion and after consultation with Mrs Tunney it seemed the right thing to do to close as neither school could operate safely. We followed the same protocol yesterday, consulting throughout the day and we were all hopeful to be open when the sun came out for a short period but as the temperature dropped rapidly and the forecast changed again, the writing was on the wall.

In the best interests of giving everyone a good nights sleep and as much notice as possible we took the decision to close the school for a second day last night in the hope that it would give parents time to prepare and leave everyone clear. Conditions would have been no better than the night before so it looked like an inevitability.

We will review the situation this afternoon but please keep an eye on twitter @NJSHead and check your texts as I updated TRAX FM last night at about 8:30 but they did not update our status on their website till about 6:30 this morning so TRAX might not be the most up to date source.

Have a fantastic, safe, snow filled fun day and make the best of it kids because it will be back to the grind soon enough ;)

Adrian Hayes