Behind The Magic

Since this is our school too, we wanted you to hear some of our thoughts and opinions on why we think Norton Junior School is a truly amazing place to be...

I hope the comments made below by children across the school help you begin to recognise all the fantastic opportunities we have and what makes out time here so special... I hope you are lucky enough to come to a school like ours.
Yours Sincerely,
Chair of School Council
"The topics are always exciting.... everyone is friendly around school and it is a socially nice place to be." Sam
"All the teachers are really lovely and we are probably the only school with a tortoise as a school pet." Charlotte
"Norton Junior School is wonderful! All the teachers and children make an amazing atmosphere!" Jordan
"Norton Junior School is a great place to be... it feels safe, trustworthy and very friendly... I feel comfortable to talk to anyone! I found lots of new friends." Anna
"NJS is special because we have fabulous teachers who teach amazing things. Our school council come up with interesting ideas which would improve the school." Rebekah
"Teachers put a lot of effort into their lessons. There are always lots of fun activities to participate in." Deacon
"I love this school because all the staff are so helpful... I also like all the clubs that they run." Emily